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Decontamination Systems

Decontamination and Hazmat Response Systems

EST provides an extensive line of decon and Hazmat response systems. Our systems are built for deployment and forward operating environments.  We can decontaminate troops to gear!


  • Dangerous areas decon is required

  • Situations that require a deployable solution

  • Decon of troops, equipment, and facilities

  • Cold water, hot water, corrosive environments, and modular.  Our systems meet your unique needs.

  • Off-Grid systems available for where power and water are not available.



  • Hot Water Capable

  • Galvanized for corrosive environments or long term storage

  • Good chemical resistance, UV and ozone resistant

  • Can be used on troops, equipment, or anything else

  • Optimum flow characteristics

  • Ready for deployment

  • Solar and Generator options available

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