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Storage Solutions

Key Capabilities:

  • Modular Storage Buildings

    • Tension fabric structures outfitted with storage systems, climate and humidity control

  • Warehouse Storage

    • Tool cage storage, racking systems, mobile aisle racking and vertical carousel storage systems

  • Mezzanines

    • Single or multi-level mezzanines for equipment, vehicle and product storage

    • Available with freight elevator, stairway and forklift accessibility

  • Transportable storage

    • Custom storage containers and transportation cases for specialized equipment deployment. Including aluminum pallets, custom equipment skids, custom storage containers with dunnage and transportation provisions for intermodal transport.

  • Packaging

    • One time use and sustainable packaging including cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and corrugated plastic packaging.

  • Material Handling Equipment

    • Forklifts, freight elevators, bridge cranes

  •  Environmental control/ preservation

    • Humidity and climate control systems to maintain low corrosive conditions for long term storage

  • BAA & TAA:

  • Storage Solutions provided can meet Buy American Act and Trade Agreement Act Requirements for US Military and other DOD or government requirements. Options are also available that meet Berry Amendment (United States Code, Title 10, Section 2533 [c 1941]).


EST Companies is the established channel partner for the US Military throughout the INDOPACOM region. Expertise in equipment specification, site preparation, installation and service allows EST to provide customers with all necessary pieces to deliver more storage space to end users with shorter implementation time frames.

Hänel solutions enable up to 80% more storage capacity                                                                      in a minimal footprint, by making use of the available room height.


The Rotomat Vertical Carousel makes use of available ceiling height and creates up to 60% more storage capacity thanks to its compact design. The unit rotates bi-directionally and quickly brings the stored materials to the operator at a perfect ergonomic height.  Carrier interiors are available in a wide variety of configurations to accommodate the materials being stored.



The Lean-Lift Vertical Lift Module is a height optimized, automated storage and retrieval system. The Lean-Lift stores inventory on a series of shelves. Storage locations are accessed automatically by means of an extractor, which stores or retrieves the requested shelf or material. When shelves are stored, the lift automatically measures the height of the material, and the shelf is automatically stored in the ideal storage location. When materials are retrieved, the shelf is delivered to the operator at the optimum ergonomic height.

Hänel's Big 5 Advantages

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Space Saving: Storing vertically frees up to 80% of space, which can be repurposed for other uses. Store more in less space.

Inventory Control.jpg

Inventory Control: Hänel's advanced controllers and software improve accuracy to over 99%. Track by lot, serial number, expiration date, par level, etc. for fewer shortages, overstocks, expired items, and errors.


Increased Productivity: Bringing supplies to the user eliminates time-consuming searches for supplies, allowing staff to do more in less time, with greater case cart pick accuracy.


Inventory Security: Valuable supplies are secured within an enclosed unit under lock, key, and access code. Know who retrieved items and when, and protect sterile supplies from airborne contaminants


Improved Ergonomics: Supplies are brought to a proper ergonomic height, which eliminates the need to reach, bend, extend, and climb ladders, and in turn, less potential for workplace injury.


U.S. Chemical Storage

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