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  • AV Equipment

    • EST is able to provide and install various types of equipment to support the unique missions of each customer. 

      • Speakers

      • Projectors

      • Monitors

      • Computers

      • Lighting

      • Video Conferencing

      • Microphones​

  • Server Frame

    • EST offers a wide selection of shapes and sizes of server frames. Specifically, EST delivers and installs server racks, rails, shelves, and mounts.​

  • Hot/Cold Aisle Configuration and Upgrades

Remodel 2.jpg
  • UPS Supply and Installation

    • EST provides battery backup equipment, and installation to support uninterrupted power supply to critical components during commercial power loss events.  

    • Units can be sized to support a single workstation to entire buildings, single or three phase options available.

    • EST supports customer requirements with site visits, design, and load bank testing.

    • Battery backups for shelters provide an external power source for communication equipment, computers, and other critical electronic components. Available in multiple sizes and voltage configurations.

    • Maintenance and battery replacement services are available. Both VRLA and Lithium Ion.

  • Personal Device Assistant (PDA)

  • Layer 1 Infrastructure 

    • EST provides cables, antennas, pins, hubs, repeaters, network adapters, voltages, host bus adapters, etc. to enable the transport of raw data through networks.

    • Solutions are design-build so that we are able to meet the various requirements of each of our customers.  

  • Printers and Scanners

    • EST delivers and installs printers, including 3D printers. EST also provides scanners and microwave analyzers. ​

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