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  • Cubicle's and Workstations:

    • Custom sizes and configurations designed to meet unique customer requirements.  Can be modular or permanent.  Options for integrated IT, power, lighting, storage, and height adjustability. 

  • Inplant Offices:

    • Modular building construction that provides either temporary or permanent office space for manufacturing facilities, military, and other commercial structures.  Can be provided with HVAC, lighting, power, IT, and security upgrades.  Useful to create private individual office space within large open spaces 

  • Conference Room Furniture:

    • Various sizes, configurations and finishes available to match specific customer requirements.  Including conference tables, chairs, and podiums

  • Storage Systems:

    • Lockable storage systems for physical document, and office supplies

    • Mobile aisle storage systems

    • Various sizes, and configurations available to fit customer spaces and unique storage requirements

  • Breakroom & Kitchenettes:

    • Custom and modular solutions for kitchenettes, including counter tops, custom cabinetry, appliances and plumbing.  Furniture for dedicated break room environments or convertible spaces to offer collaborative space in addition to employee break times

  • Installation Services:​

    • Packaging and shipping to both domestic and international locations.​  EST can perform complete layout, assembly, electrical and IT connections.

  • BAA & TAA:

  • Furniture provided can meet Buy American Act and Trade Agreement Act Requirements for US Military and other DOD or government requirements. Options are also available that meet Berry Amendment (United States Code, Title 10, Section 2533 [c 1941]).


Contractor and Defense Company

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