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Power Supply

Key Capabilities


  • Generator and Generator Fuel storage systems designed for rapid deployment. Systems are stand alone, modular, and portable. Depending on the package purchased, systems can include storage, sensors, and pumping systems to fully integrate into FOB generator systems. They can also be supplied with solar standby options. Great for shelters, equipment, radios, lighting, etc.

  • EST provides consultative approach to properly size generator, and switch gear requirements in addition to providing a turn-key installation with equipment procurement, site preparation, installation and testing.

  • EST can support multiple manufactures based on customer preference.

  • Generators can be supplied for permanent installation or mobile requirements.









Power Distribution (Panels, Cables, and Plugs)

  • Systems are portable with solar panels and only need a flat stable surface to operate. The systems break down for easy transport on rapid response missions. Systems are used to power complete shelter systems and can be customized for required application.

Battery Back Up

  • Battery backups for shelters provides an external power source for communication equipment, computers, and other critical electronic components. Available in multiple sizes and voltage configurations.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    • EST provides battery backup equipment, and installation to support uninterrupted power supply to critical components during commercial power loss events.  

    • Units can be sized to support a single workstation to entire buildings, single or three phase options available.

    • EST supports customer requirements with site visits, design, and load bank testing.

    • Maintenance and battery replacement services are available. Both VRLA and Lithium Ion.





  • BAA & TAA:

    • Storage Solutions provided can meet Buy American Act and Trade Agreement Act Requirements for US Military and other DOD or government requirements. Options are also available that meet Berry Amendment (United States Code, Title 10, Section 2533 [c 1941]).

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